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Black Water Regular Seeds

Deep Purple OG Kush..

$94.50 Ex Tax: $94.50

Black Widow Regular Seeds

A great father breeding strain with large resin production...

$68.00 Ex Tax: $68.00

Blast Regular Seeds

Very flavorful strain with pain relief qualities..

$95.40 Ex Tax: $95.40

Blessings OG Regular Seeds

Uplifting strain that will enhance your medicating experience..

$95.40 Ex Tax: $95.40

Blowfish Regular Seeds

G13 X Oregon Funk X (G13 X Blue Dot) cross..

$69.96 Ex Tax: $69.96

Blue Band Regular Seeds

Blue Band Regular Seeds

A great combination..

$58.30 Ex Tax: $58.30

Blue Bubba Regular Seeds

Great blue cross with the Bubba Kush cut..

$58.30 Ex Tax: $58.30

Blue Fin Regular Seeds

Offspring of two legendary parents - Old Time Moonshine and Cinderella 99...

$113.04 Ex Tax: $113.04

Blue Flame Regular Seeds

Blue Flame Regular Seeds

Fire up your gardens with this refined mix of the world's most sought after medicinal genetics...

$95.40 Ex Tax: $95.40

Blue Iguana Regular Seeds

Large, thick colas and good yields...

$113.04 Ex Tax: $113.04

Blue OX Regular Seeds

Full bodied strain with coffee and spice taste. Very potent, NOT for the light weight...

$87.75 Ex Tax: $87.75

Blue Petrol Regular Seeds

The smell and flavours from this one will amaze...

$81.00 Ex Tax: $81.00

Blue Power F2 Regular Seeds

Lemon berry kush with a unique smooth after taste...

$81.00 Ex Tax: $81.00

Blue Tara Regular Seeds

This hybrid is a deep healer, thick dark berry aroma with medium + yields of AAA meds and extreme po..

$88.00 Ex Tax: $88.00

Blueberry Regular Seeds

Dense bud with red, purple and finally blue hues, and a fruity aroma and taste...

$101.99 Ex Tax: $101.99