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Cheese #1 Regular Seeds

As close to the real Cheese as possible...

$86.44 Ex Tax: $86.44

Cheese BX1 Regular Seeds

Cheesy plant with pain relief properties..

$58.30 Ex Tax: $58.30

Cheese Quake Regular Seeds

The taste, like a grape cheese danish, is amazing...

$80.40 Ex Tax: $80.40

Cheese Quattro Regular Seeds

Mixed cheese strains...

$69.15 Ex Tax: $69.15

Cheese Tease Regular Seeds

Skunk #1 with a hint of Cheese..

$69.15 Ex Tax: $69.15

Cheesy Rider Regular Seeds

A cheesy OG kush hybrid, easy to grow, with spear shape buds...

$93.34 Ex Tax: $93.34

Chem #4 x OTM #1 Regular Seeds

A very odorous strain...

$113.04 Ex Tax: $113.04

Chem 3 OG Regular Seeds

Cross between Chemdawg hybrid and ultimate OG..

$93.09 Ex Tax: $93.09

Chem 4 OG Regular Seeds

Large yielding OG Kush hybrid..

$94.50 Ex Tax: $94.50

Chem 91 Regular Seeds

The Famed Chem 91 Sk Va clone only..

$94.50 Ex Tax: $94.50

Chem 91 x Memory Loss Regular Seeds

Chem 91 x Memory Loss Regular Seeds

Chem 91 x Memory Loss Regular Seeds..

$79.22 Ex Tax: $79.22

Chem Valley Kush Regular Seeds

Marijuana hybrid from 2 of the strongest cannabis strains on earth..

$94.50 Ex Tax: $94.50

Chernobyl Regular Seeds

TGA Subcool Seeds Chernobyl is a hybrid of Train Wreck X Trinity X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen..

$80.40 Ex Tax: $80.40

China White Regular Seeds

Unique Chinese Indica strain with medicinal values..

$86.81 Ex Tax: $86.81

Chocolate Chunk Regular Seeds

Chocolate Chunk Regular Seeds

Fat sticky buds..

$60.75 Ex Tax: $60.75