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Afghani #1 Regular Seeds

Compact Indica qualities with wide dark green leaves...

$47.16 Ex Tax: $47.16

American Dream Regular Seeds

Large centralized cola...

$65.10 Ex Tax: $65.10

Big Bud Feminised Seeds

Flower clusters are huge, sparkling, and wonderfully solid!..

$48.12 Ex Tax: $48.12

Big Bud Regular Seeds

Massive monster buds...

$83.02 Ex Tax: $83.02

Black Domina Regular Seeds

Quick flowering...

$90.56 Ex Tax: $90.56

Californian Indica Regular Seeds

Stays short and compact...

$41.50 Ex Tax: $41.50

Durban Regular Seeds

Reliable, easy to grow, early flowering outdoor cannabis strain...

$51.88 Ex Tax: $51.88

Early Girl Regular Seeds

Great cannabis variety for cold climate countries...

$51.88 Ex Tax: $51.88

Early Pearl Regular Seeds

Exceptionally mold resistant...

$51.88 Ex Tax: $51.88

Early Skunk Feminised Seeds

Best all-round strain in the Sensi Seed Bank Outdoor collection..

$29.72 Ex Tax: $29.72

Early Skunk Regular Seeds

Fairly mould resistant...

$31.14 Ex Tax: $31.14

Ed Rosenthal Superbud Regular Seeds

Good indica/sativa balance...

$132.08 Ex Tax: $132.08

First Lady Regular Seeds

Powerful resin producer...

$47.16 Ex Tax: $47.16

Four Way Regular Seeds

Vigorous Indica hybrid...

$49.06 Ex Tax: $49.06

Fruity Juice Regular Seeds

Juicy, fruity taste and smell...

$93.40 Ex Tax: $93.40