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Garhwali Jungli Regular Seeds

Smoky, herbal aroma..

$35.90 Ex Tax: $35.90

Garhwali Shiva Regular Seeds

Garhwali Shiva Regular Seeds

A unique strain from the heart of Shiva's Himalaya. This is the best and most potent charas plant RS..

$39.22 Ex Tax: $39.22

Golden Triangle Akka Regular Seeds

Golden Triangle Akka Regular Seeds

Very large seeds with thick shells...

$13.12 Ex Tax: $13.12

Highland Lao 12 Regular Seeds

Excellent mould resistance...

$29.99 Ex Tax: $29.99

Kerala Regular Seeds

Minty flavour and potent, energising high; quite small, dark seeds...

$27.74 Ex Tax: $27.74

Kumaoni Regular Seeds

Probably the most euphoric charas strain RSC has found anywhere, this variety was found deep in the ..

$22.12 Ex Tax: $22.12

Lebanese Regular Seeds

Fast maturing Lebanese indica strain...

$25.26 Ex Tax: $25.26

Malana Regular Seeds

Malana Regular Seeds

Hardy, vigorous strain with indica wide leaved characteristics, intensely resinous...

$18.29 Ex Tax: $18.29

Manipuri Regular Seeds

A strong Sativa..

$41.22 Ex Tax: $41.22

Mazar-i-Sharif Regular Seeds

Unusually large indica strain with classic wide leaved characteristics...

$7.49 Ex Tax: $7.49

Nanda Devi Regular Seeds

Uniquely aromatic and have a lovely soaring high..

$13.29 Ex Tax: $13.29

Nepalese Highland Regular Seeds

Superb hashy flavour and potent, psychedelic high...

$36.58 Ex Tax: $36.58

Pahari Farmhouse Regular Seeds

Narrow leaved, robust, excellent mold resistance...

$41.22 Ex Tax: $41.22

Parvati Regular Seeds

Thought to have a high CBD Content...

$36.58 Ex Tax: $36.58

Sheberghan Regular Seeds

Definitive charas strain...

$47.20 Ex Tax: $47.20