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Amsterdam Mist Feminised Seeds

Sativa's from South India and South East Asia combined with legendary Afghani Indica..

$79.26 Ex Tax: $79.26

Blueberry Skunk Feminised Seeds

Blueberry Skunk Feminised Seeds

Two highly regarded strains come together in this next-generation hybrid..

$83.96 Ex Tax: $83.96

Dame Blanche Feminised Seeds

Indica dominant strain with a diverse Sativa background...

$83.96 Ex Tax: $83.96

Dutch Delight Feminised Seeds

Big Bud, Skunk [P] and Afghani come together in this almost pure Indica strain..

$65.10 Ex Tax: $65.10

Edelweiss Feminised Seeds

A blend of Hindu Kush, North Indian and Skunk..

$74.54 Ex Tax: $74.54

Female Mix Feminised Seeds

Random selection of feminised cannabis seeds...

$51.90 Ex Tax: $51.90

Flying Dragon Feminised Seeds

Flying Dragon Feminised Seeds

An even balance of Sativa and Indica..

$65.10 Ex Tax: $65.10

G-Force Feminised Seeds

Heavy in yield and super heavy in effect G13 hybrid...

$61.32 Ex Tax: $61.32

Nepal Kush Feminised Seeds

A double hash plant hybrid...

$103.78 Ex Tax: $103.78

Power Skunk Feminised Seeds

Improved potency and yield with reduced Skunk's usual odour...

$83.96 Ex Tax: $83.96

Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds

The strain that changed cannabis cultivation...

$55.66 Ex Tax: $55.66

Skunk Classic Feminised Seeds

Long, solid, buds bursting with resin...

$74.54 Ex Tax: $74.54

Temple Haze Feminised Seeds

Cannabis hybrid with roots stretching across South America, South East Asia and the Himalayas...

$93.40 Ex Tax: $93.40

Voyager Feminised Seeds

Amazing trichome-crusted buds with delicious spicy-sharp-sweet flavours...

$65.10 Ex Tax: $65.10

White Widow Feminised Seeds

One of the most famous cannabis strains...

$93.40 Ex Tax: $93.40